Tourism’s in its infancy on the islands and these perfect beaches are never crowded. You’ll often share the space with locals going about their lives, fishing, washing, relaxing on the margins of their island home.

On Sao Tome, our favourite beaches are on the east coast, starting with Santana bay where you can stay at Club Santana. Amongst the beaches running south from here there’s Praia Izé, near the Boca do Inferno blow hole; Praia das Sete Ondas with its darker sands and shack of a beach bar; Praia Micondo; Praia Grande and then, as you round Ponta Baleia, you’re in the area of the idyllic beaches of Praia Inhame, Praia Piscina and Praia Jale. In the south, stay in Praia Inhame and walk out of your hut onto the sand. Sao Tome’s southern beaches are the island’s best-kept secret and they rival those of Principe.

The islet of Rolas is also blessed with several sandy beaches. Currently these are accessed for a day trip from the main island, whilst the refurbishment of the Pestana Equador hotel continues.

Principe’s beaches… well, how do you describe perfection? Principe is blessed with golden, idyllic, deserted tropical beaches that decorate its north coast. Stay at Sundy Praia or Roca Belo Monte and be privileged to have direct access to these world-class tropical beach retreats. Principe’s beaches really are out of this world and a visit here is a lifetime experience.

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